Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Inspired to create a blog

It's already the last day in July - what a busy summer I'm having!

Right now, I'm all excited; I'm feverishly getting ready for the upcoming SCBWI conference, held every summer in Los Angeles. This is where "my people" - my fellow illustrators who work their magic making artwork for kids - get together and learn from publishers, top talented published illustrators and amazing writers from all over the world.
       Here is my bio on the SCBWI site:

SCBWI stands for: Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators.

My portfolio for the conference is all ready. This year I actually did spring for a decent portfolio case that hopefully won't come apart when 100s of people plow through the pages at the portfolio showcase. This is also where publishers, art directors, creative directors, agents and editors peruse our artwork. No pressure here :)

So I am inspired to join the many illustrators and photographers (I live a double life - I do both things professionally) who blog. I'll share my process; sketches, artwork, thoughts and other content as the days and weeks go by. I have a lot of catching up to do!!

Now to add blog entries and update my website...which is the next big project I'll work on. Happily, I have been very busy with lots of freelance illustration work for clients, and getting ready for a fresh new semester at my two schools - CSUF - where I'm earning my Masters in Fine Art, and Saddleback - where I teach part time. So look for more blog posts to come....!

Oh, here is a sneak peek at my latest postcard....

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